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Mother of the Bride / Groom Inspiration for a Beach Wedding

September 30 2020

Getting married by the sea is becoming increasingly popular as the years go by, and it’s not hard to see why. Being surrounded by blue horizons, sandy shores, and sunshine is a wonderful way for a couple to start their new life together, and for their friends and family to celebrate their love.

Beach weddings are quintessentially Australian. As soon as the weather warms up, the beach is a destination every Aussie loves to go to, so it’s no surprise that people want to be wedded in such an iconic and beloved spot. From Currumbin and Cottesloe Beach to the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, there’s plenty of locations to have a relaxed wedding celebration  

Spring / Summer is the prime time for a beach wedding because, as we all know, the beach and warm weather go hand in hand. The shining sun and clear skies create ideal lighting for photographs (not to mention a beautiful backdrop!), so you’ll have an album of stunning images to look back on after the celebrations end.

There’s many ways to hold a ceremony by the beach—directly on the shore with the sand between your toes, on a grassy patch nearby, or at a restaurant overlooking the water. Each one is delightful, as the glistening ocean water will always be in your eyeline, some just have more sand than others!

If you have a beach wedding booked in your calendar, as the bride walking down the aisle or the Mother of the Bride / Groom, read on to discover the best outfits for this coastal location.

Understated Brides 

Dedicated to women who prefer simplicity over superfluous detail, our collection of elegant wedding dresses pair beautifully with laid-back settings. From strapless and sleeved, to ones that are purely white or have hints of a complementary colour, there’s an option to suit your personal style and personality. 

All of our Understated Bride dresses fall just below the knee or mid-calf (aka tea length), so are ideal for the beach—as you won’t have to worry about dragging fabric along the sand.

The Gypsy Skirt (which pairs with the embroidered Reminiscence Top) is 90cm long, and too is an excellent length for a beach wedding.

 Gypsy Skirt for the Understated Bride

To discover our full collection of simple yet stunning wedding dresses, click here.

Mother of the Bride / Groom 

As the second most important person on a wedding day, a Mother of the Bride / Groom deserves to feel as beautiful as the bride. It’s a special occasion for both parties that will leave each with lifelong memories!

Considering that beach weddings coincide with spring and summer, it’s best to wear bright colours to coordinate with the seasons; Teal, Soft Pink, Silver, Turquoise, and Aquamarine are ideal. Here’s a rundown of the pieces we have in these colours:


  • Pansy, Bohemian and Cocktail Skirt; pair any of these skirts with the Classic Wrap Shirt, and you have yourself a seamless ensemble that exudes elegance and opulence.



  • Tea Length Dress; sewn in 16 panels of pure silk, this dress is very feminine and flowy.
  • Classic Wrap Shirt in opaque and sheer; again, perfect for under the sun.

 Soft Pink for the Mother of the Bride / Groom


  • A Summer Coat that’s perfect for staying comfortable in a coastal breeze.



Our fitted ribbon dress comes in a vibrant turquoise that has beach wedding written all over it.



We have a dazzling shimmy dress that looks radiant in photographs (and in person). Being sleeveless, sitting just above the knees, and designed with stretch, it’s pleasant to wear in warmer weather.



If you want a little something over your shoulders, for confidence or sun protection, pop on an organza jacket - they’re sheer and very light to wear!

The Organza Jacket is available in an impressive eight colours:

To find an outfit that suits the wedding you’re attending, be sure to contact us - we’d love to help you find a dress or two-piece set fit for the occasion!