• Oct 29, 2020

A spotlight on the Pansy Skirt - For the Mother of the Bride / Groom

The Pansy Skirt is the most popular skirt in the Living Silk collection, and with its elegance, femininity and flow, it’s not hard to see why women gravitate towards it. Whether you’re a Mother of the Bride / Groom, a wedding guest, or attending a cocktail or formal event, this skirt is the perfect accompaniment for the occasion.

If Living Silk skirts were to have relations, the Pansy Skirt would be the sister of the Bohemian Skirt. It exudes a similar character and a-line cut, but has distinguishable differences in terms of panelling, hem, and length.

This blog will discuss the Pansy Skirt’s unique design, colour options, and the best top to pair with it, so you know what to expect if you purchase it for an event.


The Pansy Skirt is made up of 16 panels of pure silk that have been intricately hand woven and hand dyed; 8 panels of soft silk create the lining and 8 panels of silk organza create the overlay (all panels are French seamed for a clean finish). This extensive workmanship is what gives the skirt its luxurious flow and feel, and makes it perfect for twirling around the dancefloor.

Designed to be worn on the waist, the Pansy Skirt has a 2.5 inch waistband and an invisible centre back zip. The zip is invisible so it doesn’t detract from the skirt’s soft, free-flowing structure.

Unlike the Bohemian Skirt that falls at the ankles, the Pansy Skirt sits mid-calf (also known as tea length)—allowing you to show off a bit more leg. The organza overlay extends slightly past the lining, to create a layered hemline that pops in photographs.


The Pansy Skirt is best paired with our signature Classic Wrap Shirt, in either the opaque or sheer style, as it too is made with 100% pure silk. Together, these pieces create an exquisite ensemble for a Mother of the Bride / Groom attending a beach, garden, country, restaurant or registry wedding.

This video gives you a 360° view of the ensemble, so you can see how seamlessly the Classic Wrap Shirt and Pansy Skirt blend together.

Colour Options

The Pansy Skirt comes in seven stellar colours, ranging from summery pinks and blues to deep neutral tones. No matter your style or event location, you’ll be sure to find a colour that suits both.

For every Pansy Skirt, there is a coordinating Classic Wrap Shirt.

Soft Pink



Coffee Classic Wrap Shirt and Pansy Skirt


 Midnight Blue



All in all, the Pansy Skirt is just what you need if you prefer skirts over dresses and are looking for some new event wear to add to your wardrobe. It will serve you well time and time again, and looks beautiful both in person and in photographs.

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