• Mar 31, 2020

The Magic of Midnight Blue for the Mother of the Bride / Groom

Once the excitement of the initial announcement has worn off, mothers of brides and grooms are struck with the question, ‘what will I wear to the wedding?’

It only makes sense that one who has played such an enormous role in the whole affair wants to look her very best. Thankfully at Living Silk, this is a task made easy with all our garments boasting exquisite quality and wearability, made entirely of luxurious pure silk.

Navy Dress for the Mother of the Bride / Groom

Recently, we have been met with a number of ladies who arrive in varying states of confusion and leave well cared for by our staff and most importantly, assured of their beauty in one of our stunning pieces. We’re always so proud when our customers beam with confidence and grace when donned in Living Silk and it’s a feeling we know to be contagious.

Lately, our most popular colour for mothers of brides and grooms has been Midnight Blue. Midnight Blue is a rich, elegant, deep navy tone that flatters a variety of body shapes and skin types. Our customers sparkle as the weave of the silk catches the light to procure a beautiful lustre, separating you from the guests as the VIP that you are! Dark, but not black, our customers wow when they pair Midnight Blue pieces with silver accessories to flaunt a modern, youthful twist on the more traditional shade.

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